benidorm fancy dress party

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party

November Thursday 15th … Benidorm Fancy Dress Party, the biggest in Europe! If you are lucky enough to be in the resort in November then get ready for the annual Benidorm fancy dress party. A yearly event that thousands of Benidorm lovers flock to the resort and take part in the biggest fancy dress party in Europe.

One of the greatest highlights of the year, and a must for all to take part and dress up. Visitors have to do great efforts to showcase a spectacular day of fun, colour and a amazing atmosphere. In and around the New Town you will be able to take part in the fancy dress party. The Benidorm strip, square and side streets transform themselves for this big event.

This tradition started over 20 years ago when Manolo from Sinatras used to offer a free drink to anyone who dressed up, of course now numbers have grown so much this is not possible. Last year it is estimated that around 30,000 people attended this celebration! Each year the party just gets bigger and better most of the action is around the bars in the Calle Gerona & British square area of Benidorm with a parade which generally starts at Morgan Tavern around 3pm.

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