John Reels - Moraira

On the road with John Reels

Tenor John Reels with a beautiful lyrical spinto tenor voice

Last Sunday, November 25, we met this fantastic man! Together with his manager Paul Montfroy we had the pleasure to pick them up at Alicante airport and then transport them to their destination in Moraira. Later in the day we could enjoy a fantastic performance where you immediately get sucked with his enchanting voice and the beautiful music!

John Reels (John Eeckeleers) came under the spotlight in 2009 thanks to the Dutch TV competition ‘Una Voca Particolare’. He won the search for the best Dutch and Belgian singers for opera, operetta and musical. As a tenor he became a member of the Ministry of the Flemish Community and he gave performances and concerts all over the country. Variations were always made from the Dutch-language song to popular classical music. His musical preference is for the beautiful music of Placido Domingo, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Mario Lanza. In the classical genre Reels has plunged into the music world as a bass baritone, to later grow to tenor.

In the meantime he has been on the shelves for more than 20 years and we can say with certainty that John is a real natural talent, a born winner. On a stage, John flourishes completely open, then he can not be stopped anymore.
As an artist John is best placed to bring people a message through his music and concerts: “During a concert I do not do anything more than convey my love to the audience. When the people say at the end of my concert, “John, I felt so happy here”, I achieved my goal “.

For more information and bookings please contact his manager Paul Montfroy through +31 611 86 39 59. Some videos: –

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