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Corona measures

Spain has been in a Corona crisis for several weeks now with a total lockdown of the country. No more essential trips and public life and businesses are at a standstill. Nevertheless, Taxi Alicante remains active! In order to help everyone with (urgent) private airport transport, we remain active on the Costa Blanca. You can rely on us for private transport to and from Alicante airport, but also to the airports of Barcelona and Madrid. Or do you need an…


Water becomes cheaper

Cheap water at the airport Alicante and Valencia. Good news for those who regularly go on a flying holiday to Spain. AENA has announced that they are setting a maximum price for the sale of bottled water. With sky-high prices like 3 €, water is not cheap on airplanes and in airports. A shame, because from safety regulations you can not take water with you beyond security and you are therefore obliged to purchase the expensive water. This will change…

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Mercado Central 100th birthday

Valencia’s striking Mercado Central is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month. The historic market, housed in a gorgeous Modernist building, is today still used for the purpose with which it originally opened – selling top-quality meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and other food to Valencia locals. Authorities decided to build the market in 1881, but it didn’t open until 1928, 47 years later. The cornerstone was laid in 1916 which is why the 100th anniversary is being celebrated this year. Festivities…