Dear Visitor, my name is Lieven Van Parijs and I am the manager of Taxi Alicante, a business located in the Spanish Costa Blanca. Welcome to my website.

After years of experience as a private transport driver in Germany, France, Italy, etc. I finally landed in Spain. As I noticed that the transport services here in Spain needed important improvements, I founded my taxi business, Taxi Alicante. And with success, as we have more than achieved our initial goals. Since we pride ourselves on providing tailored services, we always look for the best transport service solution for each client, whether it be or airport transfers, group transport, business transport or taxi services.

We always work at fixed fares per route for each service – no unhappy surprises for our clients! Contact us via email or phone. Are you interested in receiving a free quote, then click here! See you soon in one of our taxis!