Las Salinas Calpe

Salt Lake Calpe – Las Salinas

Discover our blog concerning the salt lake Calpe and National Park. These are located in Calpe close to the Penon de Ifach, the huge rock formation that dominates the local skyline. Both are recommended tourist spots. If you plan to spend a vacation in Calpe, this beautiful place is close to the city and is on the list of recommended things to do during a vacation in the area.

A paradise for birdwatchers
Because the park is perhaps best known for its flamingo colonies. These beautiful and majestic creatures attract a lot of attention from everyone who visits the place: professional bird lovers but also locals and tourists, who like the birds return every year to enjoy the amazing and unique environment that Las Salinas Calpe offers. This large saltwater lagoon also has several wooden walkways that have been installed fairly recently, and they give very close access to see the birds, without any impact on the habitat or the precious ecosystem. Apart from the flamingos, there is also ample opportunity to spot a wide variety of different bird species, marine animals and animals that make Las Salinas their home.

Salt lake Calpe is easily reached on foot from the center and the main tourist areas, which is very handy if you stay in Calpe, because there is so much to do here! For the more adventurous traveler who wants to pack as much as possible during their holiday on the Costa Blanca, there are also nearby cities to visit, and if your holiday in Calpe includes a rental car, why not discover other nearby areas such as Moraira or Benissa?

Much more than just salt
Salt has been harvested here for centuries in the lagoon and until recently it was a very important source of income for the local population. This was expanded with a strong and established fishing industry, before the entire area along this coast was opened for tourism and the area turned into what can be seen today. Admittedly there is much more to the park than just the birds, and it is a great place to really make contact with nature, to relax, have a family picnic and just enjoy the peace and quiet, among the beautiful Spanish sun!

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